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Atlas Vash

Atlas Vash is the sales agent of all kinds of detergents with the best brand in the world Purex laundry powder in Iran. Considering the worlds need for cleanliness and personal hygiene, with the arrival of the Corona virus, we have registered our personal brand in the trademark registration office so that we can engineer the production of detergent products easier and create a wide market. Currently with the production of its unique detergent powder, it has been able to create a good market.



Our claim in Atlas Vash company is the high quality of the products and the high percentage of consumer satisfaction



All the detergents in this collection have a better price than the products in the market


Sales representative

Atlas Vash company has sales representative all over the country

Atlas Wash's best-selling products


Purex laundry powder

In order to improve the quality of detergents, Atlas Vash company has launched the best washing powder under Purex brand

پاک کننده سطوح آنتی باکتریال

Surface cleaner

Anti-bacterial surface cleaner with high disinfection power

ژل ضد عفونی کننده دست توفیری

Hand sanitizer gel

Our hand sanitizer gel has an anti-microbial and anti-viral coating, that minimizes skin irritation

مایع دستشویی آنتی باکتریال

Anti-bacterial hand washing liquid

There are many ways to prevent the spread of the virus, such as using a mask, hand sanitizing gel and washing hands, staying away from gatherings and etc

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